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Tam Phuc stores offer brown rice to eat really care . Currently we have promotions , buy 3kg donated 1 package brown rice and red beans 300g . The promotion lasted until 24/04/2012 .

How to cook brown rice in a pressure cooker :

instruments :

1 . Pressure cooker ( pot to buy a little to fit in a porcelain bowl , porcelain bowl or to purchase before buying pot to be able to measure the size of the bowl )

2 . Porcelain bowl with lid .


1 . brown rice

2 . red beans ( one fist )

3 . sea ​​salt .

How to Cook the rice and red beans in bowl , washed , the water in the rice bowl by 1.5 times , for example , the rice 1 can for 1 ½ cans of water , a little salt and stir lightly , then cover bowl gourmet . For porcelain bowl in a pressure cooker , high water level in pot with 1/3 of the pot . Close the lid of the pressure cooker . Boil until slightly stronger fire and shouts of boiling pressure cooker , set over medium heat and time , for 20 minutes , remove from the heat , for 20 minutes then turn and cook for 5-10 minutes kitchen . Off the kitchen for 15 minutes after edible , fragrant rice is soft foam . When eaten and used roll from the top down , not up supper . Eating leftovers will keep using the rice sequence is longer ( about 2-3 days ) .

Note: when should chew food carefully husked rice ( 50-100 times ) , chew the rice until the water is swallowed would be better .

Rice kernels do not only feed people for centuries but is also rice products of high nutritional value leader in the food . In the rice is brown rice retains the outer bran portion of grain processing . Brown rice provides many components carbohydrates, B vitamins , fiber, oil , iron , potassium , zinc , trace elements and minerals are found in many parts of brown rice sheath . Therefore, ...
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Brown Rice

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